Palm trees, lakes, and a vast range of desert creatures are present in the stunning and unusual Liwa Oasis. Using camping, this overnight desert safari in Liwa will be an engaging activity that will get you closer to the desert. Just south of Abu Dhabi and bordering Saudi Arabia is a lovely region where you may spend a day in the desert that will stay with you forever. One of our trained desert guides will pick you up in a 4WD at the beginning of the day. The Emirates National Auto Museum is where your trip to the Liwa desert will start. You will see the amazing and unusual collection of cars that Sheik Hamdan bin Al Nahyan owns here. This location will undoubtedly cause you to acquire an unhealthy infatuation with automobiles thanks to its rainbow-colored Mercedes and vintage American vehicles. You'll take an exhilarating dune ride and pause to take pictures among the dunes. This will increase the Safari's level of excitement. Your guide will be responsible for setting up the tents and collecting firewood to prepare the campground for the upcoming traditional Arabic BBQ. Enjoy a smokin' barbeque dinner while talking to your friends and gazing up at the stars. Take some time to enjoy the desert's nighttime atmosphere before turning in for the night in the warmth of your tent. Start your day with some dates and a refreshing Arabic coffee. Your overnight desert safari in Liwa will end when you get washed up and have a quick breakfast before returning to Abu Dhabi.

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The mysterious and mystical spells that the Abu Dhabi desert has to offer will enchant you on your off-road desert excursion.
One of the most unforgettable vacation experiences is sleeping out in the desert at night in Abu Dhabi,
and With incredible activities and an overnight stay in a camp, the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari gives you the opportunity to explore the desert like a real nomad.
Your attention will be captured for a considerable amount of time by the stunning beach scene and its attraction.