TheEvening Desert Safari is a must-do excursion for any visitor to Abu Dhabi who wants to try something new and thrilling. As part of a simple transportation package that includes a return trip, you will be picked up from your hotel and driven into the Arabian desert in a cozy four-wheel drive. You can either try out one of the many other delightful activities available to you, like camel riding, dune bashing, or henna painting, or you can put your balance to the test during an exhilarating sand boarding excursion. Spend some time exploring, and don't forget to bring your camera—the tour offers a wonderful chance to take some breathtaking pictures of the desert at dusk. A Tandora and belly dancing performance will cap off the evening as guests enjoy a delicious barbeque dinner with unlimited soft drinks and shisha smoking.
● The jeep utilized for the tour can accommodate a maximum of six people; therefore, by booking it for six people, you can avoid sharing the vehicle with other tourists and guarantee that your party will have exclusive use.
● Bring a camera along so you can capture the breathtaking desert landscape.
● Investigate the various boat trip possibilities you have while in Dubai, such as the jet ski experience or an aerial adventure in an aircraft.

Discover the best evening desert safari experiences in Abu Dhabi - from dune bashing and camel rides to starlit BBQ dinners and live dance shows. Find exclusive deals, safety tips and more!

If you want to learn about Abu Dhabi's traditional culture and heritage, you must take a desert safari tour. The first part of the day will be spent visiting Bedouin-style tent camps in the desert. With camel rides, delectable dates, and Arabic coffee, this trip displays the best of Arab culture. Anyone looking to relax can do so while admiring the stunning environs and desert sunset.Wearing the Arabic attire gives you the chance to snap pictures.Additionally, the desert safari in Abu Dhabi is a lot of fun. Activities like quad racing, sand boarding, and soaking sands are available.

A desert safari tour is a must. if you want to see Abu Dhabi's traditional culture and history. You will spend the first part of the day touring desert camps that have tents in the Bedouin fashion. This trip showcases the best of Arab culture, complete with camel rides, delicious dates, and Arabian coffee. Anyone who wants to unwind can do so by taking in the beautiful surroundings and desert dusk.You have the opportunity to take photos while wearing the Arabic attire.Abu Dhabi's desert safari is also a tonne of joy and entertainment. You can engage in pursuits like quad riding, sand boarding, and dunking dunes.

Enjoy the Abu Dhabi desert dunes and the main draws including the, the desert dinner, the desert camping, and more